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Bob is an evangelist who presents the Gospel to churches and Christian schools all across the United States. Bob has been allowed by God to speak to over 6,000,000 people and see over 80,000 people make professions of faith under his preaching. Bob would be honored to have the privilege of coming to speak at your church. If you are interested in booking Bob, send us an email today!

Evangelist Bob Holmes is a fervent and passionate preacher, soul winner, and a huge blessing to the church in challenging them to make a difference for eternity. He has an amazing talent with his volleyball to be able to get into the public schools of America and give them a message of hope, so that he can promote a rally that your church will hold in a public gym where he can preach the Gospel and reap a harvest of souls. I would recommend brother Bob to any and every Church that I possibly could!”

In Christ forever,
Pastor Erik Ness

Center Conway, New Hampshire

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